Monday, December 31, 2007

Time for a Prayer Box

In the past week, three different channels have recommended the creation of a prayer box of one sort or another. Three’s the charm.

First, I read August Gold’s and Joel Fotinos’ delicious new book, The Prayer Chest. It’s about a family that is blessed for generations by an oft lost and oft found prayer chest.

Second, Abraham recommended creating a box with these words on it:

Whatever is in this box—is!

Third, last night a dear, dear friend brought me a Christmas gift of a necklace of blue crystals with sterling silver beads. At the bottom of the length is a prayer box inscribed with the Sanskrit symbol of Om on both sides.

Time to consider a prayer box, wouldn’t you say?

One of my latest policies for organizing my life is to wait for a triple mention of anything before I act. There’s too much information flying toward me always to discern what’s best for me and what to leave behind. Three mentions of anything tell me I need to pay attention to whatever has been drawn to my attention.

The most important thing about a prayer box is not its size, shape or color, although it’s best to use something that appeals to your senses. No, the most important thing is what you put in it! And why.

I am posting this on New Year’s Eve, that hopeful day when the promise of letting go and starting anew is tangible to most of us. Is there some issue in your life—something that’s bugging you because it won’t go away or something that’s bugging you because it won’t come to you?

Put THAT in your new prayer box! The real magic of prayer boxes is the magic that comes from letting go, and letting the Universe do what it does to make real magic of your prayers.

Happy 2008!

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