Monday, December 10, 2007

Holy (Hell) Days

The holidays are upon us, dear one. Are your holidays holy days, as they’re intended to be? Or have they become holy hell days, as they have for so many?

I love the holidays because they let me slow down. Oh, I work and I live but I do my best savoring over the holidays. I enjoy particular movies this time of year. I play hooky. I do my best to get gift-buying, wrapping and giving done quickly and efficiently.

What could you do to slow down the holy hell days into holy days?

Always, always there is ritual. Decorating a tree. Having warm cider. Special foods. Lighting candles. Smells that come at no other time of year. Ritual is a slow-down of time, a be still and know time. Give yourself and those you love the gift of slowed time during this holy days.

Without this we miss the purpose of the holy days. They are days which are meant to remind us of who we are as light. Light started the whole shebang on this planet, and light is at the core of each being, each one, no exceptions. Bringing your own light to the fore by slowing down and looking for it will allow you to see the light in others.

The transformation of holy hell days into holy days hinges on but one thing: choice. No matter your circumstances, you do have a choice about the quality of your days.

Simplify. Relax. Enjoy. Savor. And let there be ever more light.

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