Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Remind Me

There is a story told of parents who were worried about some classical sibling rivalry between a toddler and a new baby. The toddler insisted on being left alone with the child. Wary, the parents allowed it and spied upon their offspring. The toddler fixed the baby with a pleading look and said, “Remind me what God is like. I’m beginning to forget.”

Nine out of ten clients I speak to are saying the same thing. Remind me . . . of who I am. I’ve forgotten.

It’s easy to forget. It can be hard to remind ourselves let alone remember for ourselves. This is what friends are for. To remind us of who we are.

A particularly conscious friend of mine called me just yesterday and actually said, “Remind me.” He’d lost sight of why he’d made the very good choices he had because the results weren’t coming as fast as his impatience wanted them. So I did. It was easy for me to remember his motivations for his choices. I have no impatience about his results at all. It’s my own that can cause impatience to flare in me.

We all need reminding. Consider that word!


If ever you’re feeling out of sorts, call a close friend and ask, “Remind me please?” You’ll be astonished at what the people who love you remember in your behalf. And if you know someone who is out of sorts, the coolest thing is that if you’ll remind them about who they are, it will be easier for you to remember who you are.

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