Monday, December 17, 2007

Pomegranate Wisdom

My beloved has been away a lot this year. One of our habits is that she fixes breakfast. That’s my prayer time so I appreciate it. With her absence, I get to fix my own breakfast. This time of year we eat pomegranates. One quarter each day for each of us.

Have you ever had to divest a pomegranate of its luscious seeds? It takes dedication. You have to really want those seeds. Really want. This morning I was doing pomegranate duty in my own behalf when it dawned on me that pomegranates make a wonderful metaphor for a dream-come-true process.

First you have to decide you want them. Then you cut open the hard, protective shell. Choose your dream, dear one, then cut open all the hard shells of your disbeliefs.

Peel back the shell. You can see the fruit but you really have no idea how to get to it until you begin to excavate for fruit. Scrumptious flavorful fruits. We see indications of dreams come true as we begin a manifestation process but they don’t come to us until we begin. Begin something, anything. Action forms the path for the energy to manifest.

There are surface seeds, the obvious ones, but if you’ll look deeply into a pomegranate you’ll see many more delicious fruits. These are the one you get to dig for, and you don’t know how to get to them till you’re in the digging. Dig deep. With dreams come true, we can’t possibly know the path until we’re on it. A wonderful irony, no?

Pomegranates require perseverance. Like I said, you have to want those seeds. Dreams come true? Same thing. Follow the energy and watch the stepping stones of your particular path to that particular dream come true appear before your very feet.

The final triumph with a pomegranate is a small dish of ruby ripe fruit bristling with life force. There by the grace of your own effort, and good for you besides. Dreams come true follow the same winding paths.

According to the OED, pomegranate comes from a long etymological lineage boiling down to an apple with many seeds. Aren’t seeds what germinate in our souls that cause us to know that we have dreams which can come true? The next time you consider the pomegranate use it as a spiritual lesson to follow the wisdom paths which fulfill your soul.

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