Monday, July 14, 2008

[title of show] & Vision

Sunday’s New York Times Arts & Leisure section had a story about a new Broadway show called [title of show]. It’s been around for a while and it tells the story of two writers who enter a theatre festival and write a show about two writers who enter a theatre festival. Here’s the link to the Times article:

The coolest thing about their Broadway opening this week is that they created it through the vision-to-reality process taught in the movie The Secret and through YouTube. The two authors saw the movie and decided to use YouTube as their pre-Broadway try-out. They put out the “rumor” that [title of show] was opening on Broadway, and they created short videos to get and keep the buzz going.

Thursday, this week, voila! [title of show] opens at the Lyceum Theatre. My point, however, is not that a show is opening on Broadway. My point is that they had and held a vision and then acted upon it as their inner promptings urged.

This is the backbone of the process of manifesting anything. Anything at all, no matter how difficult in our perception. As A Course in Miracles says right up front, “There is no order of difficulty in miracles.” I know, you see, because I’ve been working on one of my own, and pretty soon, I’ll be asking you, who read this blog, to help me. I’ll also be recording a short video for YouTube. I’ll also ask my personal email list.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and be public about my vision. You know I’ve recorded the text of my first novel from the series, The Healing Mysteries of Mex Stone. It’s called Oklahoma! Hex. I heard the first edit this week of just over seven hours and it sounds great to me. And . . .here it comes . . . my goal is to sell 50,000 downloads by 12/31/08. Yep, 50,000! Why not?

When I asked for guidance about how many to set as a sales goal, that’s the first number that came to me. I’m going for it. If two songwriters can create an opening on Broadway, what’s 50,000 clicks?

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