Friday, July 18, 2008

Heffalump Pits

Seeds X, 29

Seed: Heffalump Pits

Oh my friend, beware of heffalump pits! Do you know what they are? Do you know where they are? Do you know why they are? A heffalump pit is what one uses to catch a heffalump, and the genesis of such an ingenious device is to be found in A. A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh books.

In the story, Pooh and Piglet dig a heffalump pit to catch a heffalump but succeed only in catching Pooh with a jar of Hunny stuck on his head. Now you and I know that the heffalump is a phantasmagoria, but I want to ask you, is it really?

Isn’t the worst situation you’ve ever found yourself in usually one of your own making to one degree or another? Even if you can’t see it at the time? Well, I’m going to tell you a small secret about heffalump pits.

If ever you fall into one, look at your own hands. That’s right. Inspect each hand, one at a time. I’ll wager a quarter that in one or the other, you’ll find a shovel! The flip side of this is: if you’re unexpectedly holding a shovel, look out! There’s a heffalump pit nearby and you could fall in at any moment!

P.S. The easiest way to avoid Heffalump Pits is to refrain from Digging Them!

Be content,

Susan Corso

Dr. Susan Corso

Seeds are remarkable gifts. Sown in consciousness, they bring you to the most important part of your being—your Divine Spark.

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