Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Mysterious More

I’m back to studying the Magdalene. She has been a through-line in my spiritual life for many years. Lately, I’m read Betty Conrad Adam book, The Magdalene Mystique, about her creation of a Magdalene Spirituality Community in her Episcopal parish.

That’s where I came across the words of my title, The Mysterious More. It’s one name she uses for God. I think it’s a delicious way to think of Divinity.

This morning I had an appointment outside the house and I made a list of errands to run at the same time, always conscious of my carbon footprint and driving. One of my stops was to be the post office. In the shower I caught myself thinking of the Priority Mail stamps I had. The charge for Priority Mail had gone up, and it came to me that I ought to buy some stamps to make up the difference. Here is a mysterious more. Simple, I grant you, but meaningful nonetheless.

How is Divinity showing up in your life as a mysterious more? Is it as simple as stamps? Or more complicated? Does it matter?

Consider asking yourself this when seeking guidance: Is there more? Then listen. I think you’ll find, as Betty Conrad Adam does, that there’s always more.

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