Monday, February 25, 2008

Making Space

Yesterday marked the conclusion of a long stretch of events hooked to timelines in our lives. As I write, it is Sunday, the first, full free day we’ve had in some months. Our houseguest went home. We did some picking up and reorganizing of household things, but mostly what I did and wanted to do was to make space.
Isn’t that a strange expression? Make space. What does it mean? For the most part, it means to me that unstructured time is needed to allow whatever needs to come up to arise. Even odder here. Making space is about unstructured time!

Here is what happens to many of us in our over-scheduled lives. We don’t have the time to allow for our true feelings to arise. We’re so crowded with events that we just throw the feelings into a recycling bag and intend to get around to them sometime soon. This can have a less-than-stellar effect on current reality.

In the past few hours, my sweetie and I have both confessed to unexpressed (ergo, unfinished) anger, sadness, unspoken words, outstanding questions between ourselves and others, frustration, worry, doubt, having to run away, snuggling and a whole host of other experiences we’d thrown into the emotional recycling bag because we were too busy or too tired to deal with them at the time.

What this does is perpetuate experiences that if we instead attended to would be put to rest. This is the danger of recycling bags and emotion.

So I’m going to finish drafting this post for tomorrow’s blog, sit down on the sofa, and make a little more space for myself and my beloved so that, hopefully, we’ll waken tomorrow refreshed, renewed, and emotionally caught up to where time has brought us today—into the ever-eternal now.

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