Monday, September 8, 2008

Telling the Truth

As you know, I’m in the midst of working with a {marvelous!}web wizard to create—something I’ve been meaning to do for years. We’ve found a good working rhythm, my designer and me.

The process is fascinating. First, we created a Web Map. We decided on Navigation Buttons, and sub-categories for the items that would go under the major buttons. Then I took the Nav Map, and created one document called Web Copy ALL. On that I laid out, page by page, what visuals and text went on what pages. It was crystal clear, or so I thought.

You can imagine that much of our communication is via email, and it struck me this morning when there was a total misunderstanding about one page that I am doing a spiritual practice by telling my designer the truth. Don’t get me wrong, either. I do my best to tell the truth all the time, but this case made me look differently at truth telling.

This website is my website. It needs to reflect my work and my energy. That’s a no-brainer. What isn’t a no-brainer is that I’m suddenly aware of how I can fall into a pattern of allowing others to have “their way” in the name of making peace so that sometimes when I ought to insist upon what I want, I don’t.

So here’s the key. First, I HAVE TO TELL MYSELF THE TRUTH about what I want. My designer totally misunderstood something that was perfectly clear to me. I wanted a special, separate page for the current Seed of the Week. She did the whole of the Seeds pages and left this thing out.

Instead of immediately insisting on what I wanted, I spent some time pondering whether I could/should let this go! Ridiculous! I’m known for writing Seeds, and there ought to be a page for the current Seed. What caused me to do this? It doesn’t bother my designer if I need her to redo something.

I’ll tell you. It’s an overarching desire to “just get along” with everyone that makes me lie down and say yes when I need to say no. When I tell myself the truth, it’s easy to share that same truth with others.

And, here’s a bonus. If I can be unattached to the outcome, over and over again a newer, better iteration has arisen!

Truth creates.

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