Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Service Industry

There is, of course, a whole industry called the Service Industry. It has to do with supplying services rather than goods, but what I’m wondering is: isn’t every industry ultimately a service industry? More, shouldn’t every industry be a service industry? I think so.

Reading the latest issue of Ode Magazine, I came across a wonderful article about the healthy masculine by Father Matthew Fox, that reprobate, formerly Catholic priest who writes so winningly about Original Blessing. In it, Father Fox writes, “Service is love of strangers.”

I’ll write it again so you have a chance to be with it.

Service is love of strangers.

Well, ain’t it the truth? It is! Living a life of service really doesn’t allow for discrimination of any kind. Service to humanity is service to all of humanity, or it isn’t service at all. A life of service makes humankind one’s master or mistress.

One needs a master or mistress in order to service. This raises another question for me. What in humanity am I desirous of serving? The highest and best in humanity would be my answer. The Divine Spark in each one of us. I see my service as turning Divine Sparks into Divine Flames. It doesn’t matter whose Divine Spark—we all have one and every single one of us deserves the experience of living from the heart of a Divine Flame.

What this means is that no one is a stranger to me. No one. Will Rogers wrote that “strangers are just friends I haven’t met yet.” I’m with Will.

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