Monday, September 15, 2008

Dirty Pool Online

An amazing thing happened this week. I had my first post in Politics on Huffington Post. I wrote about Sarah Palin and consciousness. Over the weekend, I sent announcements and various emails about the piece, and got some stellar responses.

Saturday afternoon the Obama Campaign called to ask me if I would volunteer for them, canvassing and voter registration. I said no. Too many timelines right now, but I am doing something for Obama (besides giving money). I told her about my piece.

When we hung up, the Obama folks called for Sheriden on the other phone line. She’d just signed up for a training so she could go help the Obama campaign in New Hampshire.

Here’s the dirty pool. It turned out that the site was a training to assist the Republican ticket.
She had clicked on an Obama button, and got redirected to help the Republicans. There’s something mean here. Illegitimate. An Internet bait and switch.

So when you’re volunteering and especially in signing up and donating online to do so be sure you’re dealing with the real thing before you commit your time, energy and focus.

Some people will do anything to get elected.

P.S. After I wrote this piece, I discovered that the Republican Party is seriously investigating foreclosures in the swing states of Michigan and Ohio. The reason? Most foreclosures in those swing states affect black person who would be voting for Obama. Word is that the Republicans will claim that they are not really voters -- because they don't really live there!

I'll say it again: some people will do anything to get elected.

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