Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Inspiration? Or Madness? Perhaps both.

I’m reading a wild book at the moment by Richard Tarnas called Cosmos & Psyche. It’s taking me a long time because it’s so dense, but wow! He’s making me think just like he did with his last tome, The Passion of the Western Mind.

Richard Tarnas is a scientist of thought. He looks at history, trends and ideas and attempts to discern pattern. His latest book has a fascinating premise . . . that the disorientation and apathy of our species is due to the feeling that we have lost our place in the cosmos; or, rather, that we have lost the feeling and awareness of our place in the cosmos. Further, that the study of astrological transits will restore the feeling to us that we belong here. Wow.

The thing that nabbed me this morning was two words: Cold War. Remember the Cold War? From the end of World War II until the early 1990s, about 44 years, there was a HUGE build-up of nuclear arsenals, principally by the United States and the then U.S.S.R.

Picture those words with me here: COLD WAR

Maybe it was because I was sitting on the porch in the early morning sunshine on a new spring day . . . . Maybe it was where the outer planets sat . . . . Maybe it was just time, but I saw two other words form on my mind’s screen right after they clocked Cold War:


Now I know the politically correct term isn’t Global Warming any more. It’s Climate Change, but Climate Change doesn’t begin to show the opposition I saw between COLD and WARM.

My inspiration was this: Could it be that we will experience Global Warming to counteract the karma of the Cold War for as long as the Cold War went on?

I checked out the scientific info on Global Warming. According to the weather wizards, Global Warming (i.e. temperature rising) really began to be recognized in 1980. We’re actually 28 years into our awareness of it, and isn’t it amazing how many people are FINALLY focused on the problem!

Maybe it takes the collective of humanity years to figure out any global trend? In Gematria, the Hebrew science of numbers, the number forty actually means “as long as it takes.”

The Cold War is over. What if Global Warming will reverse itself as more and more of us take action to be responsible for our carbon footprints? Wouldn’t that be an inspiration!

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