Monday, April 7, 2008

How to End the Story Trance

So, here’s cool. A gentleman surfing the net came upon my last post, Talking Story, and sent me his e-book called End Your Story: The Revolutionary Practice That Sets You Free. His name is Jim Dreaver, and like the cover of his book says, he’s the real deal.

THE question of the spiritual life can be boiled down to one word. How? Sure, it’s a great idea to stop talking story, but how do I do it?

Mr. Dreaver teaches a practice that takes us into the how. I’ve only read the first few chapters of the book, and I can already tell that he knows how. He’s lived how, and he practices the how.

Nothing like putting something out into the universe and getting an instant reply!

May I recommend his book to you? and his personal website

His basic premise is that we have to welcome whatever comes our way. The way I teach this is the Practice of Yes. Yes, this is happening. Period. Not whether I like it or I don’t. My opinion doesn’t matter. Mr. Dreaver would say that the story I tell myself doesn’t matter. What is happening is what matters.

I won’t give the rest of it away—seekers, seek for yourselves! But I do recommend his book.

Many years ago, I realized that the word transcend sounded different to my ears than most. When we transcend something, we end the trance that we’ve allowed to enchant us. Mr. Dreaver really knows how to end the story trance.

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