Monday, January 28, 2008


I read a wonderful phrase in a Chicken Soup story this morning.

Values are caught not taught.

The story was about a thirteen year old girl finding a Valentine’s Day card from her father to her mother. When it comes to kids and their parents, I think the phrase is true, but I want to ask a bigger question about values.

What about the values that come with the soul of that child?

I know someone—a talented painter—who was drawing pictures of naked women at the age of two—before he’d ever seen one! I know another person—a gifted actor—who learned the scores of musicals from her parents’ LPs—before she ever could have known she was to be a performer. For myself, the first essay I ever wrote began, “I like to think about fairies and witches.” I was five at the time, and I’ve spent the majority of my life investigating the magical aspects of life.

There are some values that come with souls when they incarnate. I could offer you several explanations of the phenomenon, but what if, instead, it is simply a mystery? Souls are mysterious, and mysteries ask for investigation.

The next time you meet a little one, look closely at him or her. That being brought a soul into form, and that soul has its own values. See if you can assist the little one into finding out what they are and fulfilling them!

Now do the same thing in your bathroom mirror.

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