Monday, January 14, 2008

Tinsel Angels

The Christmas trees of my childhood weren’t complete until the tinsel had been added. It was always the last thing, and it always made the tackiness of the Christmas tree into magical loveliness. I’m still a tinsel girl through and through.

My sweetie left town in early December for work and a family visit so we got our tree early this year with the idea that she’d be able to enjoy it before she left. We had the usual hassle with the stand and eventually tied the tree to the wall to make sure it wouldn’t catapult out of its home whilst I was home alone.

On January 3rd, we took the tree down. What a mess, but the enjoyment offset the aggravation totally. I write this post on January the 13th and you’ll never guess what we found this morning—a piece of tinsel. We’ve vacuumed twice since we took the tree down!

My beloved spouse said, “Who knows where it comes from? We’ll be finding it in June.”

And therein lies a tale. I have a theory about tinsel. You see, there is a separate class of angels just for tinsel. Tinsel Angels work all year round. Their task is to place strategic single strands of tinsel where humans find them.

A piece of tinsel makes an ordinary day special. It reminds me of magic and wonder and beautiful trees covered with tiny pin pricks of colored light and children and Christmas and Frosty and all things delicious about our world.

The next time you find an errant piece of tinsel, stop and bless the Tinsel Angels. They’re working round the clock for our wonderment.

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