Friday, January 18, 2008

An Alphabet of Gratitude

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Seed: An Alphabet of Gratitude

If you’ve done any spiritual reading, one of the pillars of spiritual practice is the practice of gratitude. When you’re stuck, when you’re scared, when you’re mad, the teachers routinely say, “Practice gratitude.” What if you don’t feel grateful? Do it anyway.

Rev. Jane Beach, writing in Science of Mind magazine, makes a suggestion that formats gratitude into twenty-six tiny bites (at least if you’re speaking English). Create an alphabet of gratitude. Try it. It’s fun and it makes you think about what you’re grateful for.

Here are some of mine: A is for the Apple that I had for dinner last night and I’m grateful, B is for the Blow Dryer that helped me not walk around with wet hair for hours today, let’s skip a few, shall we? G is for God herself in my life, H is for Holly, the lady upstairs who took over a task in the building. Q is for my friend Queen Mama Donna and her healing, R is for Rev. Jane Beach who shared this marvelous idea..

There’s a story told about a child kneeling in prayer at bedtime. The child’s mother hears, “A, B, C,” all the way through the alphabet. After “amen,” she asks, “What are you doing, sweetie?” The child replies, “Oh, I just pray the alphabet and let God put the words together.”

Be content,

Susan Corso

Dr. Susan Corso

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