Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Emotional GPS

Abraham, through Esther Hicks, talks about an emotional spectrum that all humans share and how to use it as a tracking system in creation. His premise is that how we feel indicates how much of Source we are allowing or resisting.

I got myself all tangled up in the notion of feelings. Not that I don’t have them, and not that they’re not valid, but I know myself well enough to be aware that I can resist my own feelings. I can manipulate my own feelings, and so feelings to me aren’t always a safe measuring stick.

The measurer I can always trust, however, is bodily sensation. My body knows and she doesn’t hesitate to tell me when something I’m thinking isn’t helpful to me or the world. These sorts of feelings are more akin to sensations. Body knowings.

But no matter, says Abraham, when in doubt or question about feelings, there’s a default position that always allows more Source than you were experiencing just the moment before, and that is appreciation.

So as we approach our national holiday of giving thanks, let us use appreciation as our emotional destination. For this holiday week, let everything you do be guided by appreciation. If what you’re doing takes you away from appreciation, do something different.

This Thanksgiving, put APPRECIATION into your GPS device, and discover where that takes you!


Janice said...

Thank you for the reminder!! I love your thougths on Abraham.

Palas said...

I appreciate your writings, Dr. Corso. Thank you.