Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Conspiracy Theory

I have a pet conspiracy theory. Many of us who see meaning everywhere do.

Mine is that the universe is a conspiracy for our good.

Research for my books takes me all kinds of places I never expect to be consciously. The latest led me to researching soul retrieval. It’s a technique used by shamanic healers to reclaim energetic parts of ourselves that we need.

Let me tell you about the conspiracy.

I had a birthday weekend in New York this year. At Sunday brunch, a friend told us about a healing he had experienced with a woman from Peru who lives in Utah.

A week later, I decided soul retrieval was the healing modality I wanted to use in my next book.

I ordered the three major books on soul retrieval and waited for them to arrive from used booksellers.

I read two of the three books.

A book midwifery client, and the same friend who was a brunch with us, had a session. I told him I was studying soul retrieval.

Two weeks later, he put it together that the Peruvian healing woman was doing soul retrieval and he put us together.

I have had two remarkable sessions with her. And my book will be immeasurably richer for knowing her.

A conspiracy for good.

May I recommend to you . . .

Elena Radford?

Her sessions are 60-90 minutes for $90, and WOW. Already I feel a difference in my physical energy and my experience.

845-901-9986 (MST). Say I sent you!

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Court said...

What makes this story even more interesting is that I did not seek Elena's help. She is the sister of a dear friend of mine and approached me.

So glad that you and Elena have connected, dear Susan!