Monday, October 27, 2008

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

I needed my hand held this week, and my friend, Court, came to my rescue.

First, on the subject of holding hands at all, it’s a nice thing to do. I love holding out my hand when someone else needs their hand held. It assures me that when I need mine held, someone will show up to do it. Thanks, Court!

Second, I needed my hand held in a cyber way. I needed to (finally) learn how to post videos on my blog. I’d tried and tried and failed and failed. Someone I knew had to know how. I put a request out to my friend having seen videos on his blog.

Third, in the process of having my hand held, I learned several more bits of blog trivia and so did he. So we were both blessed.

When you want your hand held, there’s a reason for it. Accept the reason and reach out—you just might be surprised and delighted at who reaches back.


Psychic said...

Nice post and story. Keep it up.

Court said...

An honor and joy to hold hands with you any time, Susan!

susiejwill said...

I just love your "about me" statement: "What matters isn't what you believe--it's that you believe."
Maybe you could hold my hand and I could hold yours and you could help me with my "about me" statement.