Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Taking Our Selves for Granted

Have you ever thought about this expression? Do you take yourself for granted? Most of us do, I think.

We take for granted, or, assume as a given, that we are who we are, but are we?

Ever had a reaction to something or someone that surprised you?

“That’s not like me,” we say.

Oh? What is, then?

Granted comes from Latin roots meaning, believed or entrusted.

This puts a nice spin on the phrase for me. We are entrusted with, granted, our selves.

Taking anything for granted isn’t particularly advisable except for immutable laws: Gravity, Aerodynamics (and the bumblebee gives the lie to these!). You know the kind of laws I mean.

Plenty is granted us as human beings, and a far more appropriate attitude toward what is entrusted to us, or granted us, is gratitude.

Including for our precious selves!

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