Wednesday, August 6, 2008

George W. Bush—Avatar?

A P. S. Upfront: This post was rejected by my Huff Post editors as being "too out there!" Here you go!

The quote on my Google home page was from Saki, the Burman-born British poet who was killed during the First World War: He is one of those people who would be enormously improved by death.

I don’t know to whom Saki referred, but I know people who feel this way about G.W.B. and, to be honest, I was tempted to go there for a nanosecond, but I know too much about how the universe works to spend any time there. The most recent issue of Utne Reader had an article about his legacy as, believe it or not, the AIDS president. Legacy, schmegacy. I think his legacy is far greater than anyone yet realizes. Even him.

I’d better cop to it up front: I am a Democrat, and I am also committed to living a consciously spiritual life, the discipline of which asks me to seek and find meaning in the events of my time.

What kind of consciousness in the United States of America chose a president like George W. Bush? I mean it. I’m really asking. Because, to my way of thinking, he reflects something in that famous mass the pols call “the American people.” What is G.W.B. showing us about ourselves?

Let’s see . . . our apathy . . . our thoughtlessness . . . our short-sightedness . . . our hubris . . . our own Teflonned hearts . . . our inconsideration . . . our denial . . . our lack of care for ourselves, others and the planet. I could go on but you catch my drift.

Relationships, dear one, are mirrors. There really is no them, as in them and us; there’s only us. George Walker Bush is showing us something. It’s our task to determine what. Why would a benevolent universe ask us to look at these things?

Because. Because it’s time. Because it’s now. Because it’s now or never. The American people need to see who George W. Bush really is so that we’ll wake up. That’s what I think his true legacy is.

Try this on: George Walker Bush, preincarnate soul, appears in Heaven to meet with his guidance counselor before he arrives in his mother’s arms.

GC: “George, for that will be your name, are you sure?”
GW: “I am, GC. I’ll do it. They need it.”
GC: “It won’t be easy. People will think ill of you.”
GW: “I know, and it’s okay. I’ll be indifferent in order to make a difference.”
GC: “You got it, GW. Now . . . birth!”

What if it’s true? What if George Bush made a soul agreement, one he knows nothing of on a conscious level, to act as cruelly as he has to fulfill the function of an avatar—a human incarnation of an aspect of Divinity—so that we, the American people, would wake up into caring about ourselves, others and our planet.

And isn’t that exactly what has happened during the 2006 midterm elections, the primaries this year, and, hopefully, the 2008 presidential election?

So although Saki’s sentiment tempts me, my spiritual practice asks for something else: gratitude. Thanks, G.W.B., for doing your soul duty!

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Court said...

I love the post but can so understand with the Huffington Post shied away. Thanks for sharing it with us!