Monday, August 18, 2008

The Amazing Video Weekend

We planned it a month ago, maybe a little more. My friend Court Stroud was coming to Boston to make some videos for my website. We had four definite projects to complete in less than two days.

It was just the three of us. Me: the “talent.” Sheriden: the director and producer and crew. Court: the videographer and editor and producer, and crew.

What could have been a nightmare of bumping heads, bruised egos and general dissatisfaction turned out to be sheer, unadulterated pleasure as we three found a way of communicating, a rhythm of working (and taking breaks) and a creative groove that left all three of us feeling fulfilled and pleased as punch with ourselves.

How did we do it?

By planning what we wanted to get done, talking just a little in advance, and agreeing to experiment with our creative impulses together. We planned . . . but not much. Instead, we planned a little and showed up a lot.

Each of us took turns leading and following.

We were all considerate of one another.

We used our eyes and ears to tune into one another’s states of being.

We took breaks when one person wanted a rest.

No one made anyone wrong; instead, we practiced making one another right.

We ended up with all the videos we wanted, shot in less than twelve hours.

You’ll see them on the website soon. I’ll keep you posted.

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