Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's All Inside

Lately, like when I bought our new GPS device, Minerva, the packaging has listed on the outside what we were supposed to find inside the box. In that particular case, we did.

It goes with a basic principle of metaphysics. Nothing is outside us; everything we perceive actually comes from the inside out. It’s all inside.

I had a rough emotional time today. I fell head first into an emotional abyss. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, I really go for it. In order to deal with the unwelcome feelings, I bagged my work for the day, and took a nap. The world definitely needs more naps.

But here’s the thing: the feelings I was struggling with came from inside me. They had to do with an ongoing health issue that I’d just as soon forget about but I don’t really have that option. I’ve dealt with the health thing for so many years both physically and metaphysically that I’d just as soon put it down—forever. I don’t get to do that just yet.

This is why I decided to ask the Universe for some eyes outside mine. A healer, a shaman, a helper of some kind, who could stand with me and see what he or she could see that I either had seen, had not seen, had seen and ignored, or some variation on a theme.

It’s true, you know, all things do come into being from the inside of each of us outward, and sometimes the eyes of another can illuminate what we can’t see in a given moment or experience.

We all need the occasional reflections we receive from the perceptions of others.

I’ll keep you posted on who shows up.

{This is where I stopped writing and shut down my computer.}

Fifteen minutes later, my phone rang. A friend was calling to introduce me to an indigenous healer. He'd been trying to reach me for three weeks. Even the outside stuff comes from the inside!

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