Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Cost of Wow

I recently spent an hour on a teleclass taught by Mabel Katz, author of a simple book on ho’oponopono called The Easiest Way. {fwiw, she pronounces her name in the Spanish way, maBELLE.} Mabel is an accountant by profession and a Spanish-language radio show host in Los Angeles. She’s been doing ho’oponopono for ten years.

In her book, one of Mabel’s aphorisms is:

Learn to live in the WOW.

I loved it! Then I got to thinking about the cost of living in the wow, and let me assure you, dear reader, that there is a definite, tangible (and sometimes not so tangible) cost to living in the wow. That cost is best put: Control.

To live in the wow, we must be willing to and actually give up the need to control.

The thing about this need to control is it’s only a need, or so we think, and it isn’t real. Namely, we don’t control much of anything, except our own conscious thoughts so if we’ll give up the illusion that we have a need to control, then we’ll find and live in the wow.

Wow is a childlike state of discovery. Wow is equally applied to butterflies and buttonholes. Bees and knees—and fleas and keys. Everything is a wow if we’ll let it be.

What we need to do is believe that things can work out for the best and see how trying to control things can make them turn out alright but not always the best.

First assignment? Find a wow, let that feeling flood your being, and keep on wowing. {You won’t even notice that you’ve given up the control you didn’t have in the first place!}

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