Friday, May 18, 2007

Apology IV

Seeds IX, 20

Seed: Apology IV

The next part of apology, say the sociolinguists, is acknowledging damage. Damage comes from Latin roots meaning loss. Decoded this means: what has the person lost to whom you are apologizing?

Most often what’s lost is peace of mind. When apology is necessary, there’s ongoing turbulence in a relationship. It may seem just fine on the surface but somewhere there’s a bubbling pot about to overflow on a stove burner.

There are more serious losses than peace of mind, but no matter what the loss, there is usually a feeling of violation, damage, and theft. When I need to hear an apology, I feel as though something has been stolen from me, meaning taken without my permission.

Apology, that valuable tool, is a way of acknowledging that I am not you. I do not experience what you experience. I do not see what you see. I do not feel what you feel. I do not have your history so I cannot pretend to understand where you’re coming from. Apology acknowledges that I am different from you, no matter how similar we are.

Be serene,

Dr. Susan Corso

Seeds are remarkable gifts. Sown in consciousness, they bring you to the most important part of your being—your Divine Spark.

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