Friday, November 7, 2008


Seeds X, 45

Seed: Synaesthesia

Here’s a fancy word! I read it in Joe Vitale’s wondrous marketing book about P. T. Barnum called There’s a Customer Born Every Minute. If you’re into marketing, run and get it!

Mr. Vitale used synaesthesia to turn himself into a dynamic public speaker on an occasion when he was scared out of his socks. The word itself means a merging of the senses. It’s Greek and it denotes the condition of dreaming into reality. Here’s how Joe Vitale applied it.

He asked himself questions about the speech he planned to give. “If this speech were a piece of music, how would it sound?” His answer was: like Melissa Etheridge. “If it were a color, what would it be?” He saw fiery red with white streaks in it. For weeks before his speech, he dreamed it into being. Weeks after the event, he got the highest rating the group had ever given.

We are dreaming creatures, beloved. We literally dream ourselves and our lives into existence. Why not use your senses to dream the dream you want?

Be content,

Susan Corso

Dr. Susan Corso

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