Friday, November 14, 2008

ps & qs

Seeds X, 46

Seed: ps & qs

Ode Magazine recently published their Silence Issue. Much of it was about noise and its less-than-healthful effect on our minds and bodies. A headline in that issue using the words peace and quiet made me think of my maternal grandmother. She used to tell us grandkids to mind our ps and qs. Did yours?

I own a words and phrases dictionary so I looked up that phrase. What is it to mind your ps and qs? No one is totally certain, but the overall consensus is that it means: be very careful, be precise most especially in terms of your penmanship—don’t confuse the loops of a p and a q. That works for me.

But what works more for me is minding my peace and quiet. Things are getting busier for me these days. Lots of clients. Writing. My audiobook is out and there are more to come. I’m doing interviews, writing, monitoring comments on various blogs, writing, even coming into the 21st century on Facebook. When I get cranky because of too much input, minding my peace and quiet works every time.

Be content,

Susan Corso

Dr. Susan Corso

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