Wednesday, November 12, 2008


True to the spirit of his campaign, Barack Obama's website has a link whereby you can make suggestions: how cool is that!

(Actually, just "" will get you there.)

Then click on "Tell Us Your Story."

Here’s what I’m worried about:

That we’ll get over the euphoria of electing Obama and that all the energy that went toward electing him will dissipate. That’s why I wrote to our President-Elect: utilize the energy that elected you! Challenge Americans to pick one issue and work on it every day for a year.

The other one I’m urging is the establishment of a cabinet-level Department of Peace.

What’s bugging you?

Tell the Obama folks. I did.


Court said...

I'd like to nominate you as Sec'y for that new Dept of Peace!

Karyn said...

Dear Susan,

I agree. We need at Department of Peace (instead of a Department of Defense!) and a Chief Spiritual Officer. My vote is for Dr Susan Corso, Chief Spiritual Officer of the Department of Peace. Yeah ...