Monday, October 22, 2007

A Hole in the Bedroom Ceiling

There’s a hole in our bedroom ceiling right now. During the day, I can see a bona fide beam of sunshine in a room that usually gets very little sun. It’s disconcerting. Not only that but, in a way we paid to have that hole put there.

Mystery solved. The porches were falling off our 1889 Queen Anne Colonial Revival house so our condo association is hip-deep in a renovation project. In order to hang the new, sturdy floors on the building, the crew made a hole in our bedroom ceiling.

Sometimes renovation is like that.

Especially when it comes to self-renovation.

Think of the last time you had a big, rock-your-world realization about some aspect of yourself, or your life, or your past. Didn’t it take time and space to integrate it?

Our crew needs to integrate the porches onto the building. There’s a cost to integration. Namely, sometimes it makes holes in your ceiling. This week the crew will patch and repaint the hole in the bedroom. Next week the porches will be integrated in full.

Give yourself and your process a break. If there’s a hole in your ceiling, enjoy the beam of sunshine while you can.

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