Monday, August 13, 2007

Global Warming > Divine Flame?

If you’re looking for doom mongering, you won’t find it here. I was sitting in meditation yesterday and got a spiritual vision of the purpose of global warming. Bear with me, and follow my logic.

Most of you know that mystically the element which represents spiritual transformation is fire.

Could it be that global warming is a physical symptom of the spiritual awakening that is happening all over the planet?

Spirituality is, by all accounts, about fire, about passion, about a new energy, about an enthusiasm for life. Could it be that we must learn how to allow this new fire a place to be in our lives?

In the alchemical process of transformation, fire is used to burn away the old. One way to help this process is to reduce our individual carbon footprints. I find that since I filled out Al Gore’s questionnaire which measured my carbon footprint, I almost always turn out the light when I leave a room. Simple, yes, and effective. I group my errands so I use the car less. Simple, and effective. I think twice before I run the air conditioners. Simple.

I like reducing my carbon footprint. Could it be that as I do this, my spiritual fire can burn more brightly? Instead of mistakenly channeling the heat of transformation into the earth herself, does reducing my carbon footprint allow me to be a better vessel for the heat of spiritual transformation for my own growth?

If you are a reader of Seeds, the weekly spiritual email that I’ve sent on Fridays for nine years now, you’ll know that there is a Divine Spark in each one of us. That Divine Spark has a purpose. It is to burn brighter and brighter so that instead of a Spark, there is a Flame. Let’s decide that global warming is for our good, and let the transformation shine on.

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