Monday, June 4, 2007

Invoice #1182

When was the last time you received an invoice in the mail? I got one today. At the bottom was a handwritten note. It said:

Thank you for the gifts you bring to our world. Thank you for spreading the Truth of who you are. Thank you for your order.

I stood completely still as I read it over twice. What an amazing way to do business.

The invoice was from The Universal Flag. Their tagline is: We are One with All. I’d ordered a t-shirt, a flag and a lapel pin. I know they write something on every invoice. For that matter, they might write the SAME thing on every invoice. It doesn’t matter. What a spiritual practice.

If you’ll go to their website, you can see a phenomenal video about the Universal Flag. The man who designed it resisted doing so for a long time until Spirit made it perfectly clear that creating a universal flag was his to do. So he did it.

The flag itself is beautiful as you can see from the picture. The meanings are even more beautiful. I was destined to be a fan from the moment I saw the flag; their simple, spiritual practice of a handwritten thank you clinched it.

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