Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Secret to Huge Changes

I’ve been going through a few weeks of huge changes on many levels. Does this ever happen to you?

My body is in a roil over a new medication; it’s keeping me up nights and I’m exhausted.
My work situation is reducing itself; two gigs have gone away and another is waning.
My taxes are due, and they were more than I’d expected.

There’s more, but you get the picture. What gives?

I’m sure you’ve heard of the phenomenal success of the DVD and book called The Secret. Its author and proponents would say that my attitude is everything during a time of change such as this. I agree with them, to a point.

Attitude definitely makes a difference in life.

So how’s this for attitude?

My body is guiding me now to the proper medications which only help me.
My work situation is adapting so that bigger, better things can come into my life.
My taxes are done—early!—and I have figured out how to pay them.

Both sets of statements about the huge changes in my life are true. Which causes more ease? The second one.

For me, however, there’s a hurdle to get over first. Simply put, I’d name the hurdle: Fear.

When things are changing rapidly, fear can become a constant companion. It doesn’t always, but it can. What to do?

When I am fearful, the first thing I do is scan my body. Am I holding tension? Where? Is there a message that my body is trying to give me? {Even as we speak, I am writing a book called How To Live in a Body. We all need an instruction manual sometimes!} Then I do my utmost to relax and let go.

Tense bodies aren’t the happiest bodies. Tense bodies aren’t the most inspired bodies. Relaxed bodies are much happier. I relax my body consciously.

Then I get still and go within where the Divine Spark of me is alive and well—and fearless. I ask myself what would turn the spark into a flame right now?

It might be to read a novel. On the other hand, it might be to have a good look at my finances and make a plan to contact someone about a new gig.

Whenever I see one of those Help Wanted signs in a store window, I have to laugh because I see the words with punctuation as below.

Help Wanted?
Inquire Within.

That’s the only requirement when dealing with fear. I know there are metaphysical absolutists (which is what the folks associated with The Secret are) who say never to deal with fear. That doesn’t work for me.

I feel better, and less fearful, when I face my fear.

Is being exhausted the end of the world? No. Is a new medication going to kill me? No.
Is it likely that I won’t get a new gig? No.
Will the governments of the U.S. and Massachusetts fail if I pay my taxes late? No.

Susan Jeffers wrote a book that I had on my shelf for many years although I never read it. I liked the title, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.

I’m not a metaphysical absolutist although I understand the purpose of absolutism (to hold one’s will to what one wants). It doesn’t work for me. I know too much of my own and others’ humanity.

Human beings can be fearful. Not ideal, but so what? Fear happens. It’s what you do with the fear after it happens that matters. I face it. I befriend it. Then, by all means, I return to the stillness within me and blow on the spark, knowing, without doubt, that breath (quite literally, inspiration) will fan my spark into a flame, and I’ll be off on the next adventure in my life.

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