Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Healing Codes I

Cool has never been my thing. Nope, warm is a better description of me. Cool, not so much. I never had whatever that something is that makes a person cool. No James Dean genes, I guess.

It used to bother me, but as I approach fifty, now it doesn’t. I guess it’s because I am finally old enough to allow myself my passions as they are without worrying about how those beings outside of me might perceive me.

It’s a good thing too. Being a warm sort of person, I am given to passions, enthusiasms, discoveries, risks, new things. One of the things I’ve sought for many years is a way to access and heal my subconscious mind including cellular and unremembered memories.

I think I’ve found it. In the DVD of The Secret, there is a gentleman named Dr. Ben Johnson. With a salt-and-pepper beard, and warm brown eyes, his quiet manner got my attention immediately.

In the back of the book The Secret, his biography says that Dr. Johnson is involved in The Healing Codes. Visiting their site, I was astonished to learn that he had been healed of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) by using The Healing Codes for six weeks. I’ve never heard of anyone healing ALS. Never.

Okay, said the warm me, I’ll bite. I filled out a form on their site and asked for more information. Daily emails started to arrive. To be honest, I wasn’t wild about their tone. It was a little rah-rah even for warm me. My “cool” wasn’t raised, but my skepticism was.

I can hear you asking: Susan? Skeptical? Well, maybe not skeptical, but conscious of having followed enough off-the-wall enthusiasms to temper myself on new paths of discovery. All sorts of systems had promised access to what I hadn’t been able to reach before. Would this one deliver?

I waded through the rah-rah emails. The video promos. Finally, I sought the phone number on their website and called. The person who answered couldn’t answer my questions. He got his boss. Neither could the boss answer me. I left a message for a “coach” to call me.

Within 24 hours, a well-spoken gentleman returned my call, heard my story, and answered my questions succinctly, clearly and satisfactorily. I bit the bullet the next day and ordered The Healing Codes. They’re $800, so it’s a genuine investment.

More daily emails, this time with rah-rah audio postcards. It’s funny. One of the things about being a “warm” person instead of a cool one is that I don’t need rah-rah. I need the space to let my own natural enthusiasm kick in.

Anyway, The Healing Codes arrive. It’s a huge package comprising a manual, a workbook/ journal, six audio CDs, 2 DVDs as an intro, two additional DVDs with another technique and a small pocket-sized book for the Quick Start Program.

Since I am adept at allowing my own passions to grow, you can imagine, I’m sure, that I’m an ace student. (Always was, always will be.) I “took” the course. Listening, reading, watching everything in it.

The thing that intrigued me the most was the Quick Start Program which they call 12 Days to a Changed Life. I was encouraged not to wade through all the material. No, instead, they encouraged me just to start.

Just start. Just like that.

I like that. Start, and see what happens. Start, and see how you feel. Start, and let The Healing Codes become to me whatever they become. Start. Like the Nike ad, Just do it.

As of today I’m on Day 7 of the 12. By next Sunday, I’ll be through the 12 days. On Monday, I’ll report to you on how my life has changed.


Anonymous said...

You freely received these codes. I have one question why ask so much money if you really intend to help the poor and even middle class or is it just the wealthy who deserve healing? I'm sure glad God doesn't charge us so much money to exist in time in this dimension.

Anonymous said...

I agree

Can someone help those of us who dont have $800 to spend ?

Dr. Susan Corso said...

Anonymous, I'd be glad to write further to you about this personally, if you'll send me an email directly.

Blessed be,

Susan Corso