Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Which Model Did You Choose?

We got to laughing at the breakfast table this morning over bodies. My sweetie teased me that I’d chosen The Reading Model this lifetime. She chose The Playing Model.

Which model did you choose?

Here are some options; dream up your own! I’d love to hear from you.

The Foreign Language Model
The Finance Model
The Art Model
The Athletic Model
The Healthy Model
The Serious Model
The Anxious Model
The Fun Model
The Peaceful Model
The Daredevil Model
The Intellectual Model
The Soul Model
The Spirit Model
The Kinesthetic Model
The Whatever Kind of Model You Need in Any Given Moment Model.

Did you know that you actually can choose to have the kind of body you need in any given moment? You can. Bodies are meant to be pushed, explored, heard, gentled, honored. They’re infallible—in the sense that your body can never lie to you.

Check out which model or models you’ve chosen so far. Do you like them? Cool. If not, choose again.

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